Friday, April 26, 2013

Two weeks and counting

As spring temps finally showed up in Burleigh County just two weeks before the second running of the BCC there are a few things to go over. We're gonna try to cover it all here, any questions please send us an email:

First off, we will be extending the time to get cards in until next Friday, May 3.

For ride/race day: The Burleigh County Cup and Sippy Cup will both roll out from Eagle Park (North of Bismarck, on River Road) at 10:00 a.m. CST on May 11. Registration/sign in/packet collection will be open from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Eagle Park. We are starting it a little later this year due to the unusually cool temps we've been experiencing. As we've said before, we are renting the entire Eagles Park for Friday - Sunday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the park, it has primative camping and can handle campers also. We welcome all to stay at the park both Friday and Saturday night free of charge if you'd like. A number of local cyclists are planning to stay there Saturday night and it may be a good opportunity to share some stories of the ride, meet some new riders and have some good times. There is no shower facility on the campground, but the Ramada has donated use of their shower rooms following the race. There will be a shuttle going there if needed. There is also a block of rooms at the Ramada reserved for us if you are from out of town and would like to stay at a hotel. 

For the ride: Please come prepared. This ride will be a challenging 75 miles or 35 miles depending on your category. For those of you doing the 75 mile option, if you are expecting a walk in the park, you are going to be in for a big suprise. And while the 35 mile option is shorter, and not quite as hilly and intense, it is still a challenge and a little bad weather could turn it into a real tough day. Have your bicycle in tip-top shape. A bicycle faliure is nearly as bad as a human one on a ride like this. Hydrate heavily days prior to the ride. Bonking and dehydration are not good. BE SAFE. These roads are not closed for this event, and some times have people driving extremely fast on them. Look out, check intersections before crossing and make the right choice.

A quick list of rules:
- All riders must wear a helmet.
- All riders must have a properly calibrated cycling computer (necessary to read the maps)
- All riders must carry a minimum of 2 24 oz water bottles on them (for Burleigh County Cup riders, you may have smaller bottles if you choose to have a dropbag. More on that below)
- All riders must carry food on them. This one is hard to enforce, but you're burning calories, you gotta replace them.
- All riders must help another rider in distress, at the very least asking if they are OK before moving on.
- Accepting help from anyone outside of a fellow rider or your drop bag will result in a DQ.
- Any littering on purpose results in a DQ.
- Any course cutting results in a DQ.
- You are responsible for yourself. However we will have a volunteer on hand to pick you up if you are in a condition where finishing is not an option. This will result in a DNF.

A quick list of recommondations:
- A map holder. Banjo Brothers makes a nice one. It attaches to your handlebars and you can look down at your map and match it up with your cycling computer. Simpl.
- A couple of spare tubes, pump and tire levers. Almost every ride I go on in this area results in at least one flat. You're not immune. And know how to change a tube.
- Muli-Tool. May be heavy, but I've seen a broken chain turned into new again in a few minutes with a small chain-breaker on a multi tool. Save yourself the walk.
- Drop-bag. For the 75 mile Burleigh County Cup you will have the option to hand in a small bag prior to the race (think lunch-box size, not backpack) filled with anything you'd like. These will be available for you to grab and re-fuel around the 30 mile mark. Take advantage of this.
- Be responisble for yourself. Have someone ready to come and get you. Take your cell phone with on the ride to call if you need help. No one is coming to get you unless yo have prior arrangments.

Following the ride/race there will be free food and beverages for all riders.

Spectators are welcome to come out, cheer on riders and have a good time! It is a park, so there is plenty of room to hang out, roam and have a good time.

We look forward to seeing you all May 11! Spread the word! Get out and ride!

- BCC Staff

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