Monday, February 8, 2016

Celebrating 5 years

As I write this, it's awesome to think that we're preparing for the 5th running of the Burleigh County Cup. What started as a seed planted in our head by attending similar events, we were able to cultivate into something that has became tradition. Riding for us has been a constant evolution since we were kids. Somewhere along the way riding bike on gravel roads which we'd been doing for years and years became a "thing," and boy are we glad it did. We are in the process of planning and going to make this year another special event ... And all you need to do to secure your spot at the starting line is send in a post card with your intentions. This year we will be limiting the number of entries to 150 (total for BCC and Sippy Cup). We're doing this to ensure the experience doesn't get "watered down". We want all who participate to get what they came out for; A good challenging ride and a great time leading up to it and following. Get your card in, get outside on your bike and get stoked for the 5th annual Burleigh County Cup! This is a free event.
About the event: This will be a self supported gravel road cycling event (though the 75 miles option will have a drop bag option) on the gravel roads (very hilly at times) of Burleigh County, just outside of Bismarck, North Dakota on May 7, 2016. There will be two distances: 35 miles (The Sippy Cup) and 75 miles (Burleigh County Cup).
To register, purchase or make a post card and write this info on it:

Your Name
E-mail Address
Distance class (35 mile Sippy Cup or 75 Mile Burleigh County Cup)

Send them to:

BCC / Elaina Huber
1451 Omaha Drive
Bismarck, N.D. 58504

Simple as that. The event is free to all participants, thanks to our awesome sponsors. Then show up at Eagles park (just north of Bismarck, N.D. on 1804 see map) on Saturday May 7th for the ride. Exact time of start will depend on the temperature. We like to start early as possible, but if we feel it will compromise the rider's experience we start a little later. We determine the start time a week or two out and go by current forecasts. We will email all individuals registered to confirm you are registered. This email will come out after all registrations are accounted for. Don't stress getting in, if you sent your card in you'll be fine. It may also be worth checking back here close to May 7. This year we again have the Eagles park campground for the entire weekend, and everyone is welcome to stay there (free of charge) on Friday night before the race and also Saturday night following. We will have a post ride meal and post ride beer available for the 21+.

A few things to make sure you have for race day:

1 - Properly calibrated cycling computer or GPS - This is a mapped out route, and you will want this to determine the distance in between turns. Sure you can try to follow the pack, but some roads are double backed on and looking for tire tracks may result in your getting lost. Have a cycling computer on your bike and ready to go.

2 - Cue card holder - You will be given cards with the map of directions on them the day of the ride. You can stuff them in your pocket or bag, but having something like a Banjo Brother's cue card holder makes life and the ride a lot easier.

3 - Extra parts - Having an extra tube and pump is just common sense. What about an extra chain link or a multi tool though? Carrying a heavy load stinks, but not as bad as walking 30 miles back to the park.

4 - Drop bag. If you're riding the 75 mile Burleigh County Cup you may want to have a drop bag. Bring a bag to check-in on Saturday with extra food, beverage, tools, tubes or whatever your heart desires. This bag will be available for you at roughly the 35 miles.

That's all for now. Email any and all questions you have to