Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get your cards in early, get your cards in often.

While old man winter has more than wore out his welcome in much of the midwest, the 2nd running of the Burleigh County Cup is sneaking up quickly and will have little pitty on those who choose the couch over saddle during these next few weeks. With a little over 7 weeks to go the time is now to get out and get riding.

We have received requests from a couple of our sponsors (who are completely awesome and will feed and nourish each one of you and most likely give you a prize of sort for free) for a head count. With that we have made a decision to have a cut off date for registration this year. Please have your post cards in the mail no later than April 25, 2013. See the post below for instructions on how to register.

A few shots from last year to prove that summer really does exist (click to enlarge):

It's a proven fact that biscuits and gravy ate strait from the Burleigh County Cup will make you a stronger rider. Thanks Renae for cooking up a batch!

Steel is real. Rusty.

Now get your cards in and get riding!

- BCC Staff