Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time is on your side, yes it is!

That’s right! After numerous requests to get a late-entry pass in to the Burleigh County Cup & Sippy Cup gravel events we've decided we’re going to open up the flood gates for a few more weeks. You now have until one month from today, Friday April 17, to get your cards postmarked. Thanks to everyone who got there cards in already, and for those of you who hit the snooze button, it’s time to get with it! Here's what you do:

Purchase or make a post card and write this info on it:

Your Name
E-mail Address
Distance class (35 mile Sippy Cup or 75 Mile Burleigh County Cup)

Send them to:

BCC / Elaina Huber
1451 Omaha Drive
Bismarck, N.D. 58504

We are again this year striving to give you the best event we possibly can for zero entry fee. Here is a rough summary of what to expect, with specific details coming as event day gets closer:

We will be having a pre-race meal/meeting in Bismarck, Friday evening, May 8.

Start time will be as early as we see comfortably possible Saturday, May 9. We’ve pushed the start time back later on colder years. If the warm, early spring we’ve been having is any indication on how event weekend will unravel, expect an 8 or 9 a.m. Central Time Zone start from Eagle Park, just north of Bismarck. As of right now the route will remain the same as years past.

We will have post-event food and drinks for the riders and volunteers and awards for top-placing racers. We ask that spectators please bring their own food/beverages. You gotta earn it!

Eagle park is ours for the weekend, so we invite anyone who wishes to camp to please do so.

That’s all for now … Now get out and ride your bike!