Sunday, May 17, 2015

Scorch & Torch!

We'll post the results from the Burleigh County Cup in the next day or so, but first things first. We'd like to invite you to the first ever Scorch & Torch MTB race at Sleepy Hollow Park! What is this sure-to-be good time you ask? Well, listen close ...

Scorch & Torch is going to be a 3 hour MTB race on June 20, from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m., on the single track of Sleepy Hollow Park right here in Bismarck, ND. You can either ride the race solo or with one teammate, rotating turns every-other lap. The most laps with the best time in three hours wins. Simple! There will be a hotlap competition for those who have Strava or a similar software to show at awards time. There will also be a kids race following the adults!

So the race is the "Scorch", but the other great reason to show up is the "Torch"! We'll be torching hotdogs (Yeah, the good stuff!) following the race so everyone can enjoy a dog, a drink and hang out for a bit while awards is going on.

The best news of all, this event is going to FREE if you email your registration intentions in!

Here's what to include in your email:

1. Race division (Solo male open, Solo female open, Team open or Solo single speed open)

2. Your name and name of your teammate if you have one.

3. If you have a kid under the age of 12 who'd like to participate in the kids race at 11:30.

Your emails need to be in our inbox by June 14. Late/Day of registration will be $10 cash per person.

That's it for now! Send your emails to along with any questions you might have.