Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A final Word

With just a couple days until the Burleigh County Cup takes stage there are a couple last minute details and such to cover:

• For the BCC 75 mile option, you will have access to your drop bags at a little over 30 miles. Around 30 miles after that (60 miles, roughly into the 75) you will be passing through the Eagles park that we roll out from for the last leg of the ride. If you would like to have anything stashed there to grab for the last 15 miles, feel free.
• For those of you who are unaware of where the Eagles park is, click HERE for a link to it. Camping is free both Friday and Saturday night. It is primative, though there is room for campers, you just will not be able to plug them in. There will be a lot of local people camping Saturday night, including the BCC staff, and you are welcome (encouraged) to hang out and have a good time.
• One of the BCC staff has volunteered to act as support for riders who need a bailout. We will be giving his phone number out to anyone interested in having it if you'd like it, and he will have a vehicle ready if needed.
• A couple of us will be offering our own personal showers to out of towners who would like to get cleaned up after the race. If you are interested we will surely help you out.

Thank you,

BCC staff

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